Exclusive Pumping Must Haves

  • A Hands Free Pump. This is seriously a must-have when you’re pumping 6+ times a day. I have loved using the Medela Freestyle Hands Free pump because I am able to care for both of my boys without any leakage! I also love that it has hospital grade technology and it empties well. I have reduced to two pumps a day and I always use my hands-free pump in the morning so I can multitask.
  • Nursing/Pumping Bras. These are so helpful to allow you to easily pump, be hands free, and they are super comfortable! They’re perfect for postpartum and even afterward. 
  • Lanolin Cream. I highly suggest finding a cream that can help soothe you from cracking and chaffing, especially in the early days. Lanolin cream and coconut oil are my go-to products for this. You can also use some on your flange to avoid dry pumping. 
  • Milk Storage Bags. Whether you’re a just-enougher or over producer breast milk bags are so helpful. For my oldest I barely produced enough but there were times when I was traveling or I had just a little extra having milk bags on hand were helpful to freeze or store for later use. During my more recent journey I had an over supply and these milk bags are sturdy and store flat!
  • Breast Mask. The Maely’s Cosmetics breast mask is so soothing to your skin. Hormones and engorgement can make your skin around your breasts feel dry or itchy. Using a breast mask and lotion helps hydrate your skin and perk you up and reduce any discomfort!

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