Teething Must Haves

Teething can be such a difficult period of time for both you and baby, especially when they are getting multiple teeth at once, or molars. You can find all of my recommended products that have helped both of my boys during teething here.

  1. Frozen Fruit/Breastmilk/Formula. There are so many great molds that help babies at different stages of teething. Theo and Max really enjoyed the Dr. Brown silicone teether with frozen blueberries in it. You can also freeze breast milk or formula for a baby that may not be ready for solids yet.
  2. Wrist Teething Toys. These toys are unique because it encourages them to use their grasping skill, which many babies are practicing at the same age they are teething. They have so many cute options for these, we really like the teddy bears because there are multiple spots on the toy Theo can chew.
  3. Teething Gel. We love Mommy’s Bliss products and their teething gel is no exception. I like to put a little bit on a pacifier for Theo before bed. He also really likes the gel on any of his teething toys. You can chat with you pediatrician with any questions about teething gel.
  4. Gripe Water. Similar to the teething gel this is great on a pacifier or toy, you can also administer the amount on the bottle based on your baby’s age/weight. This helps calm Theo when he’s upset about teething and some of the symptoms that can come along with it.
  5. Tummy Time Ball. Theo LOVES his tummy time ball that he can grab onto and chew. I love this toy because it lasts through so many different stages from early tummy time/grasping to toddlerhood because it’s an easy ball to practice throwing with.

I would love to hear what has helped your baby with teething! Leave me a comment here or on instagram and let me know!

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