Toddlers & Big Emotions

Managing a big emotions during the toddler years can be frustrating for both the caretaker and the child. They can occur for a number of reasons; they may be unable to verbalize their needs, overtired, various limitations, difficulty completing a task, etc. Having some quick ways to help ground your toddler can beneficial for both of you to avoid frustrations growing. These are a few of my favorites to help soothe big emotions.

  1. Get outside! Getting outside, even for 30 seconds if the weather is uncooperative can be so helpful. Taking a breath of fresh air, feeling the rain on your skin, or the cold air on your face can quickly ground you and your child.
  2. Water! This can be used in so many different ways. Having a drink of cold water can help slow you down and bring awareness to your physical body (and your toddlers). Giving your toddler a bath can help soothe them and distract them with play. Water play can also be helpful, splash around in the sink.
  3. Give Choices! Giving your toddler a choice can help them gain the autonomy they’re craving. When the choices are both choices you’re happy with it can help reduce frustrations and help your toddler feel independent.
  4. Quiet Time! Sometimes a bit of soothing music and a safe cozy blanket is what is helpful. Your toddler may or may not want a hug. Either way, some quiet time for both the caregiver and the toddler can help ease big emotions.
  5. Messy Art! If you feel like your toddler needs to express some frustration or anger, give them a messy/sensory outlet like finger paints. This can quickly shift moods to something silly and creative.

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