Christmas Eve Boxes

Growing up we always had Christmas Eve traditions. When we were younger we would participate in the Christmas Eve Pageant, have a Christmas Eve dinner out, and then go home and open one gift (usually from grandma) and some Christmas Eve PJs.

This year I want to start a new tradition with my boys, Christmas Eve boxes. As they grow the boxes will evolve with them but as a toddler and baby we’re going to keep them fairly simple.

  1. A reusable box/basket. I am using adorable baskets that I actually found at the dollar tree. You can use gift boxes, baskets, or wrap separate gifts- whatever works for your family!
  2. Matching PJs. This year I’m going to be gifting them an adorable matching set from baby Mori. They’re festive but can also be used all winter long.
  3. An Ornament. They’ll each get an ornament to hang on the tree. Max is getting a mac & cheese ornament because it’s hands down his favorite food (his first birthday celebration was mac & cheese themed). Theo is going to be getting a keepsake ornament, it comes with two molds so if Max let’s me I’ll do his hand as well!
  4. A book. Each boy will be getting an age appropriate book. Max’s book is from Rally Felt Co. and Theo’s is a holiday classic, the Nutcracker.
  5. A snack. Max is getting cheese-its because he loves them and Theo is getting new bottles because he’s not quite old enough for food!

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