Sibling Gifts

As a kid I always remember getting a few larger shared gifts because my sibling and I are fairly close in age (about 18 months apart). I wanted to share some of my ideas for sibling gifts this year for my boys who are about 22 months apart. Most of these my youngest will appreciate in a few months, but my 2 year old will love now! Here are a few ideas to inspire your sibling gifts this year! You can shop all of my gift suggestions here.

  1. Experiences. Giving the gift of a membership or a fun experience is always a great go-to! You can create family memories and avoid excess clutter/toys. This is also a great last minute gift because you usually purchase them online quickly. Some experience gifts could be a zoo membership, music classes, membership to an indoor play space, or a museum membership!
  2. Practical. I love these gifts because not only does it help make my life as parent easier at my kids age they’re still excited to open it! This year I got them an organizer for their bath toys because they are starting to take over their bathroom. Other good ideas could be a new bookshelf, sensory/storage table, new shoes, etc.
  3. Matching Clothing. Growing up we always had matching sets. Since my kids are still young I love that I can still get away with this. I try to avoid anything that is too holiday themed so they can get use out of it after the holidays. This year I got them matching warm PJs since we will be entering into a cold winter.
  4. Fun. Finally for their fun toy to share I am gifting them the Winky Kids wobble board. It is a super fun open ended toy that can be used to improve their balance or even as a slide on the couch!

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