Toddler Stocking Stuffers

As I mentioned in my baby stocking stuffers post, this year I am focusing gifting on a few different categories. I want to give my children things that are useful (for them and us as parents), cozy, creative, and fun/entertaining. For my toddler this year I tailored it to some of his emerging interests like bath time, coloring, and pretend play.

  1. Bath Crayons. Maddox has been really enjoying bath time, to the point where it’s hard to get him out of there! I want to start rotating his bath toys the way I do with his other toys in the house so I thought bath crayons would be a great addition to his toy rotation to encourage his creative side.
  2. No Mess Coloring Book. As mentioned above, Max is really starting to enjoy coloring. The no mess imagine ink coloring books are a great option to avoid stubborn clean up and would be great for car rides!
  3. Molding Clay. He loved playing with the molding clay when we toured the Montessori school, so I found a small pack in the Target Dollar Spot. It’s a wonderful open ended and creative toy.
  4. Socks. As I mentioned in my baby stocking stuffers we have been going to an indoor play place that requires sock-feet. I realized that we really don’t have any socks that have grips for Max and that he is outgrowing the majority of his socks. The holidays are a great time to stock back up on those basics!
  5. Crayons. Max has a few set of crayons but this year I wanted to get him some more to continue to encourage coloring and scribbling. It’s wonderful for working on his fine motor skills.
  6. Baking Set. We got the Ikea Kitchen for his birthday and the Target dollar spot had a lot of wonderful options for small baking/cooking sets. It would also be great to use with the molding clay to encourage pretend and imaginative play!

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