Baby Stocking Stuffers

Finding gifts and stocking stuffers for babies can be challenging. This year I am focusing gifting on a few different categories. I want to give my children things that are useful (for them and us as parents), cozy, creative, and fun/entertaining. Here are a few stocking stuffer ideas I have for babies (about 3-9 months these could be appropriate for!)

  1. Tush Swiper. This product makes putting bum cream on your baby a breeze! It helps keep the entire process a bit more sanitary and it has targeted dispensing to allow you to precisely put cream where your baby needs it most.
  2. Sensory Toys. These are wonderful for baby’s development and I noticed that Theo really started to enjoy these types of toys around 3 months old. Right now some of his favorite sensory toys are crinkle books, hanging toys, and his munch mitten.
  3. Musical Toys. Grippable and wrist rattles are great for this; or even a portable white noise machine. Also, musical toys like a kick piano or the hedgehog could be a great option for larger gifts!
  4. Socks. We love to explore the indoor play space in our area and they required socks/no shoes. Since Theo will be able to use their crawlers space soon he needed socks for his upcoming play time!
  5. Bath Items. We love Pipette Baby products. The travel kit and smaller size are a great options for stockings and are useful for traveling or when you’re in a pinch!
  6. Teething Toys. With teething around the anything that is safe and soothing for baby’s gums is a great option. Also, you could add an ice tray mold to create teething popsicles with breast milk, formula, and/or pureed fruits.

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