Thankful & Grateful

Each year during this time we hear about the importance of giving thanks. Whether we’re giving thanks to those who have helped us during a difficult time or for positive happenings in our life- it is important to reflect on these. Last year I focused on different aspects of my life what I was grateful for and focused on the category (you can read more here); this year I want to ground myself in what I have learned through this past year and focus my gratitude on these lessons.

A lot happened during 2022, we lost some important people in my family; including my great-uncle and my grandmother. We also welcomed new members, my second son Theodore was born in July. Although I had a high risk pregnancy and had severe pre-eclampsia again, it was much better managed and I trusted my medical team to deliver my son safely and keep me healthy while doing so. Theo was born the week of my grandma’s funeral and there truly is something beautiful about a new human coming into the world as another soul leaves.

So this year, I want to keep my gratitude poignant and simple: I am thankful for my ability to embrace the chaos. I went from a mom of one to a mom of two under two (pretty much the definition of chaos), I also missed one of my best friends weddings (because Theo chose to arrive the day before the wedding). As a family we juggled multiple deaths, a water leak and hole in our ceiling for 3 months, while managing the medical complications that arise from a diagnosis of pre-eclampsia. All of this occurred within the first six months of the year. I am grateful this year has shown me who my true friends are and what relationships I need to continue to cultivate. I am thankful for the lessons in resiliency and that this past year truly shone a light on what I want to focus on for the upcoming new year, 2023.

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