C-Section Recovery Must Haves

Recovering from a c-section presents it’s own set of challenges. It is one of the only surgeries in which you are expected to not only get up and walk around quite quickly; you’re also put in charge of keeping a brand new little human alive.

Aside from making sure you are taking your prescribed medication on time (and stool softeners, iykyk), these are some products that I found to be the most helpful for recovering from a c-section.

  1. A Belly Wrap. This one from Amazon is great. It is important that it is meant for c-section/postpartum recovery. A lot of insurance companies will cover garments like this. It is so helpful for moving around and making you feel much more secure those first few weeks. Make sure to ask for one at the hospital too! I personally like the one listed because it is easily adjustable, the one from the hospital was too big by the time I left.
  2. Disposable Underwear. I personally preferred these to the hospital underwear and pad option. They were much more comfortable over my incision and I felt like my incision could breathe better. I personally only needed one package of these but I purchased two to be on the safe side. It will depend on how long you experience the heavier postpartum bleeding. I really like the Always Discreet brand.
  3. High Waisted Loose Pants/Shorts. When going home from the hospital you are going to want something that is comfortable on your incision and doesn’t take too much effort to put on. These adorable high waisted joggers on Amazon are a great option for a going home outfit and recovering at home postpartum. I also really enjoy loose nursing nightgowns.
  4. Boppy/Breastfeeding Pillow. Whether you are planning on breastfeeding, pumping, or formula feeding a breastfeeding pillow like the Boppy is very helpful for propping baby up and holding them during their feeds. It can be painful to a have a newborn laying across you or trying to hold them up right after surgery. I like the Boppy as it is affordable and can be used for so many other things as they get older, such as tummy time and sitting up.
  5. Heating Pad/Ice Pack. Personally I found having a heating pad and/or an ice pack to be really helpful during the first few weeks. The heating pad can be so helpful for incision pain and help relax you, while the ice pack can aid in reducing inflammation and swelling. I really like the heating pads like this one that have an auto shut off just in case I fall asleep.

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