Little Luxuries to Bring to Labor and Delivery

Staying in a hospital can feel less than luxurious, especially after delivering a baby and getting into the swing of things with a newborn.

As a second time mom whose labor and delivery went less than perfect the first time, I am making sure to pack a few little luxuries from home for my upcoming scheduled c-section. I wanted to make sure that these little luxuries won’t take up too much room in my hospital bag but will make me feel a bit renewed.

  1. A sheet mask. I am personally bringing this one from BABOR. It’s great for hydrating the skin which I really needed after my first delivery and throughout postpartum.
  2. Under eye mask. I really enjoy using these when I am lacking sleep and to help me wake up in the morning; and this will definitely be the case at the hospital! I am bringing one set to help rejuvenate me. These are a great affordable option from 5-below.
  3. Facial serum. Going along the trend of luxurious skincare, a facial serum is definitely an added bonus. I am overall bringing the bare minimum (face wash, eye cream, and moisturizer) but I wanted to bring one of my serums to aid my skin after delivery. I would recommend a brightening or hydrating serum, but this is one to choose based on your unique skincare needs. I am personally bringing this one from Versed.
  4. Jade Roller. After delivery sometimes you can feel quite puffy and bloated, I personally feel like this every morning, lol! I really enjoy cold jade rolling in the mornings but even if you are unable to pop the jade roller into a fridge in the hospital, it’s feels luxurious to jade roll your face. I really like this affordable option (under $10) from Target.
  5. Noise Cancelling Headphones. Any noise cancelling headphones will do, I personally will be bringing my Airpods Max over the ear headphones because they are the only pair I own that have noise cancellation. You can use these to help you sleep, enjoy relaxing music, drown out the sounds of the hospital (which can be particularly triggering), or watch a show. I don’t have a specific recommendation for these because it will be based on your budget and what you have at your home!

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