Toddler Favorites

As I am sure it comes to no surprise, I love shopping. Amazon can be a great place to find awesome deals on everyday necessities for yourself and your family. I am going to start sharing on my blog some of my favorite amazon finds! This week we’re focusing on things I have been loving for my toddler. There is no rhyme or reason to the order of these products, just sharing what I recently purchased and love!

The Wild and Stone Baby Toothbrushes are great for babies and toddlers who are starting to brush for the first time. They are organic, biodegradable, BPA free, and have soft fiber bristles.

Max is a big fan of them! You can get a 4 pack for under $10!

You can shop them here!

The Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster seat is a great option for traveling and use at home. It’s super light and easy to remove. You can also get the Amazon exclusive version (pictured above) for under $40 that comes with an extra tray and cover to keep transport and clean-up simple!

Max enjoyed having dinner with the family at the big dining room table! He’s just enjoying a peanut butter cookie from Grandma after his favorite meal of mac and cheese.

Shop the fisher price booster seat here!

The Replay 10oz no spill sippy cups are great for toddlers or babies who are doing BLW. You can grab some that have interchangeable tops so they can use a straw or sippy cup. They’re also made in the USA and created from recycled milk jugs! They come a wide variety of colors, sizes, and top options.

Max loved using the straw top for his morning smoothie. We switch them out throughout the day depending on what he is drinking. As you can see we’re still figuring out how to hold a straw cup!

You can get a 2 pack of cups with 4 tops for under $18 here!

These ABC flash cards from ZazzyKids are under $15 and have been a great way to get a head start on his letter recognition and to expand his vocabulary. Sometimes they turn into collectable cards that he likes to carry around the house, but Max does enjoy working on his flash cards in the morning.

You can get them here!

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