New Year, New You?

I cannot believe we are almost through the first month of 2022. I usually find that I wind down on my goals toward the end of January and slowly start to fall back into old habits. This year, I decided to take a different approach and focus on small things I can do for myself to reach my overall goal of improved health; mind, body, and spirit. So far I have found that instead of setting a strict new years resolution (i.e: I will work out 7 days a week and stop eating carbs) and focusing on what I want my life to look like and the small steps I can do to achieve that goal, I have been more likely to stick with my small daily changes and give myself grace when I make a misstep.


For my mind I have been trying to focus on not jumping on my phone immediately in the morning, giving myself time to slowly wake up and quietly enter the day. This is one of the things I have struggled with the most. I am always so tempted to grab my phone and check my email, scroll through social media, and count down the minutes until I HAVE to get out of bed. The days I am able to start slowly I find that I am more relaxed throughout the day.


My goals for taking care of my body were simple: movement, increased water intake, and feel good about what I’m wearing. So far, I have been doing really well with movement, whether I cycle, do yoga, or go on a walk; I typically can find time in my day for this a few times a week. My water intake has been better since getting a large bottle, I typically drink a half gallon a day now when before I would go an entire day running on coffee. I need to continue to work on feeling good about what I am wearing. I am a WFH mom and I find myself in sweats with minimal makeup most days. I have nothing against sweatpants, but my goal is to find sets that I feel comfortable and stylish in.


This one is always a bit trickier for me. One thing I have counted in this category (which could also fit in mind) is significantly reducing caffeine intake. Caffeine has always spiked my anxiety which made it difficult to take care of myself in a spiritual way, such as doing a meditation. I have also tried to start my morning or end my day with a meditation or mindfulness activity, this could also use improvement. Finally, to fill my cup I have gotten back into playing video games when I can. It is something I always enjoyed growing up and in college. Since becoming a mom it has been the last thing on my mind. I enjoy a cozy game of Animal Crossing or playing the Sims when I have some time for me.

I can’t wait to check back in at the halfway mark to see what habits have stuck with me and which ones didn’t serve me. I would love to hear about your goals for 2022!

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