Toddler Boo Basket

This year we decided to create a Boo Basket for Maddox now that he is a toddler (he turned one in September). We will take him trick-or-treating to a few houses but we wanted to create a fun new tradition that he could enjoy on the morning of Halloween. The best part is that everything in this basket only cost $1 from the dollar tree!

The first thing I grabbed was this adorable skull straw cup. Max is currently working on drinking with straws and this would be great for toddlers or kids at any age!

The next thing I added were these adorable monster socks. Dollar tree has a great assortment of baby and toddler socks. There is no need to spend more than a $1 on socks since they grow out of them so quickly and get lost so easily!

I added this cute Halloween book. I’m hoping to create a tradition of a new book for Halloween night each year. I was so excited to find a great selection of Halloween books for different ages at the dollar tree!

Maddox loves stuffed animals and sloths. I thought this would be a fun addition to snuggle and play with throughout the day.

I had to add one of his favorite snacks, goldfish. Although Halloween is traditionally all about the candy, a snack to look forward to can also be fun!

I was really excited to find this LED projector light for only $1! This will be a nice way to go to sleep after all of the excitement of Halloween.

And of course, I had to add a sweet treat. Max has not yet had candy but we plan to let him try a bite this year. Mostly, these are for the parents so I got our favorite, Reeces!

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